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JTS (Judicial Tracking System)

JTS is a statewide case management system that gives you local control over your court information but statewide integration with prosecutors, law enforcement, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Department of Revenue and Supreme Court. It provides a comprehensive suite of judicial solutions that improve the productivity of your judicial agency, enhance communications between all parties in the judicial system, and provide unprecedented access and services for attorneys and the public with a unique level of excellence in support.

JTS was developed from over twenty years of subject matter expertise. CSI has both extensive knowledge of the judicial environment and unsurpassed expertise in software development. The result is a turnkey, fully integrated and cost justifiable statewide judicial solution that was designed to be “used” — not simply “sold.”

JTS Benefits and Connects All

The Judicial Tracking System (JTS) is designed to be a flexible and easy-to-use means of connecting those who use court information with one another. Customers control system set-up, and each software module can be configured according to individual court or department needs. The JTS system is designed to make complex judicial case and information management simple, allowing judicial agencies to securely and appropriately share court information statewide.

Up-to-the-minute case information is available to all parties: courts, the clerk’s office, prosecutors, probation officers, law enforcement agencies, legal counselors and the public. JTS provides full integration with prosecutors’ offices, law enforcement agencies (including criminal case disposition to state police), and dissemination of public court information within minutes via the Internet.

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JTS Judicial Integration Features

Each software module within the JTS solution is designed for a specific function and integration with other agencies.  Rather than simply providing case filing, docketing, document management and calendaring, JTS offers a comprehensive feature set and integration capabilities. This end-to-end solution and ease of use is just one more example of how “commitment to excellence governs all” at CSI.

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If you want to know who has the best real-world solutions for judicial case management, talk to the experts: the officials who use JTS by CSI. For over three decades, our people have been preparing for the opportunity to serve you by providing the best software, hardware and systems solutions as well as superior on-going customer support.

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