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IT Excellence

Excelling in computer systems and software development for public sector agencies is one thing; being able to implement and support technology needs efficiently and effectively is quite another. Fortunately, CSI has a reputation for being able to do both.

The key to our IT success is our commitment to understanding the real-world needs of the governmental entities our systems serve, and tailoring computer solutions to meet those day-to-day realities. Our efforts expedite your workload, eliminate redundancies and help eradicate mistakes.

CSI offers turnkey IT solutions for governmental agencies and small to medium-sized businesses. That includes:

IT Solutions

The key to CSI’s technical solutions success is our commitment to understanding the real-world applications of technical products, then tailoring those products to meet day-to-day realities. CSI then offers FIXED-COST support agreements covering total system support (operating system, disaster recovery, all trouble-shooting), hardware support (parts and labor) and loaner equipment (we loan you equipment while your hardware is off-site for repair). CSI offers turnkey IT solutions for governmental agencies, but can also support small to medium-sized businesses.

IT Solutions include

Software Development

CSI’s approach to software development is based on three key elements:  Outstanding people, non-proprietary tools and customer input.

The CSI team includes certified programming and technical support personnel equipped with the best non-proprietary software development tools and industry-compliant systems. CSI harnesses the power of Open Source software like Linux and PostgreSQL, and also uses Microsoft’s development tools, to create products that are flexible, scalable and cost effective.  Unique to CSI’s development efforts, and for our “heads down” power users, we can also provide single-keystroke menu navigation versus time-consuming mouse clicking.

The ultimate key to our success is listening to our customers and incorporating their ideas into software solutions. CSI does not create in a vacuum or out of its own technical theories.  We conduct annual user group meetings and encourage daily feedback to develop real world solutions designed to be “used” not just “sold.”

Software Solutions

A relentless pursuit of excellence governs the development and implementation for all of our software solutions, including:

Hardware Made Easy

Complete customer satisfaction in computer systems, whether for the public or private sector, relies on flawless planning and implementation of all elements, including hardware.  We provide hardware solutions for government and business, including.

Systems Integration

The CSI expertise with systems integration makes implementing and using computer systems easier and more productive for government agencies, businesses and the people they serve.

From five-user networks to large hundred-user WAN systems, CSI creates turnkey systems for customers with a wide array of needs and operating requirements. We partner with companies like Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, allowing us to provide non-proprietary computer systems designed to optimize user productivity and maximize ROI.

CSI is your proven source for:


Judicial Solutions

Software modules ready to assist the judicial agencies to function more productively.

Recorder Solutions

Automates the entire records management and recording functions for the county clerk or recorder.

IT Solutions

A complete spectrum of computer solutions and services.