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The CSI Commitment to Excellence

CSI (Computer Systems, Inc.) is a premier software developer and systems integrator committed to serving judicial and land records agencies.  At CSI, we know that many systems fail because they have been designed to be “sold” rather than be “used.” Even a “technically superior” system is destined to flounder if not fail unless the system is designed and supported by knowledgeable and motivated personnel who thoroughly understand the technical requirements, and more importantly, understand and care about the end users’ responsibilities and requirements. This is why a friendly, motivated CSI Team supports our systems with high levels of technical skill — and just as important — with over three decades of subject matter expertise. 

Our software solutions include:

CSI is a privately owned and operated company that is financially secure and debt-free, with a solid foundation for expanding its solutions nationwide.


Judicial Solutions

Software modules ready to assist the judicial agencies to function more productively.

Recorder Solutions

Automates the entire records management and recording functions for the county clerk or recorder.

IT Solutions

A complete spectrum of computer solutions and services.